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Ten Thousand Coffees’ partnership with a Multi-National Insurance Company


Ten Thousand Coffees partnered with a large Multi-National Insurance (MNI) company who recently simplified their structure to enable their employees to work more closely with clients, provide greater transparency, and deliver value faster and more efficiently. As a result, the company was eager for their workforce to work together more effectively, create opportunities for employees across the globe to develop their internal networks and help employees to build their business acumen whilst sharing new perspectives with senior leaders.


As MNI is global, it was very challenging for employees to build relationships with colleagues outside of their day-to-day teams. This was due to 3 major contributing factors:

  1. The teams are large and dispersed geographically.
  2. Many employees were incredibly busy, constantly in and out of meetings and unable to dedicate substantial time to another new learning and development program.
  3. During the company’s hiring process, employees are typically put into a specific role and many employees don’t always get the opportunity to explore other divisions at the organization. 

As a result of these 3 factors, it can be very challenging for people to meet other colleagues in the organization to learn, develop and grow.  In fact, our research shows that only 8% of employees meet with a colleague to share ideas, gain advice or learn about their team at least once a month and 58% rarely/never do. Moreover, 76% of colleagues have 0-2 people supporting their career and only 20% felt supported to reach out to colleagues on different teams.


Ten Thousand Coffees partnered with the organization to bring employees monthly introductions to different colleagues directly to their work email. Through these monthly introductions, employees were able to reach out to one another and schedule a time and date to go for coffee. These conversations were tailored to company goals to increase knowledge sharing and exposure to potential opportunities for cross-functional collaboration.

In addition, employees also gained exclusive access to small group conversations with senior leaders (a program called “Office Hours”). This gave leaders the opportunity to share their vision, advice and updates on company strategy with a group of around 15 junior employees in an informal setting.


This initiative helped employees to build networking into their day to day work and expanded people’s network within the company. After attending just 2 Office Hour sessions, Employees felt more connected to core company priorities. In addition, 83% of Office Hours attendees rated their experience as excellent, 52% of members gained career advice or learned something valuable from their introductions and 31% of members made a new connection that can help them in their careers.

The most popular goals that employees looked for in the conversations were: Developing leadership skills (41%), Gain Career Advice (41%) and Learn about New Business Initiatives (37%). In return, the most popular ways in which employees wanted to offer their help to others was: Supporting a New Employee (27%), Offering Career Advice (25%) and Sharing Best Practices (16%).


“I learned a lot from a veteran in the industry, especially someone who came in from other organization through acquisition. Very insightful and knowledgeable about the business.”
“It was great to hear Jessica’s career story and her non-traditional path to her current Compliance role. Her kind words & suggestions were helpful!”
“Every topic she covered was useful. Valuable information on corporate structure and internal growth!”
“We connected the gap! We did not previously have a program at our organization for individuals outside of the entry level and senior management level to have continued conversations.”

Ten Thousand Coffees is an enterprise talent development platform that enables companies to scale and measure informal development. Every month, members receive data-driven introduction that are customized to their goals, interests and role. Feedback and success stories provide your organization with impactful business insights about the success of your people-strategies.  The Future of Work is transforming organizations: informal development between colleagues is where talent mobility and culture sticks.

Josie Copeland

Josie Copeland

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