How PwC Used 10KC to Create a Connected Culture in a Hybrid Workforce


Facilitated 20,000+ connections and 170+ small group events with 96% favorable ratings from participants and a 78% program adoption rate.


91% of connections made were between different inclusion networks, furthering diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) impact by erasing proximity and network barriers for diverse and underrepresented employees. 


PwC's investment in its employer brand fueled both talent retention and attraction and positioned them as a place for meaningful career growth.

“The platform has really brought to life our broader vision and mission of meaningful connections at scale. The Office Hours feature allows our staff to collaborate and have discussions to share the wealth of knowledge across this organization. Whether it’s examining hot topics or using the survey feature to get feedback on various initiatives - it’s really augmented employee engagement and people connections.”

- Sarah Blanchard, Director, Consulting, PwC


Recognized as a top employer by Forbes, Diversity Inc, Fortune, and others, PwC understands the critical link between strong internal employee connections and key outcomes like engagement and retention. With a large, hybrid workforce spanning multiple locations and business units, the firm wanted to overcome communication silos and foster meaningful interactions. 

“We wanted to build meaningful connections that superseded historic silos or proximity barriers. We wanted to drive connections that were human-led and tech powered, and 10KC allowed us to do that. The platform has helped us bring intention into conversations, which can be challenging in a remote or hybrid environment.” - Chris Dulny, Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer at PwC.


Chris Dulny and Soula Courlas envisioned how they could transform the frequency and quality of meaningful connections made between PwC’s people using the technology within 10KC’s Connectivity solution. Through their “Connection Central” program on the 10KC platform, PwC actively fostered new ideas and firm-wide collaborations.

Office Hours

Provided opportunities for employees to connect with leaders 

1:1 Smart-Match Introductions 

Promoted cross-functional and cross-location interactions

Data Dashboard

Provided continuous sentiment analysis 


10KC empowered PwC to further operationalize their existing people value proposition (PVP) by creating deeper and more meaningful connections among employees, a cornerstone of their strategy. They effortlessly scaled to over 20,000 connections made via 10KC and organized 170+ small group events, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Additionally, 91% of these connections bridged different inclusion networks, promoting diversity and breaking down barriers for underrepresented employees.

“With 10KC, we now have an ideal platform to enable connection on a number of dimensions and extend our reach across the national firm in ways that would not have been possible for us in the past. We’re living a new normal with 10KC that addresses our evolving needs and challenges and enables our focus on building and sustaining an inclusive and caring workplace.” - Soula Courlas, Interim Chief People Officer, PwC

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