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Early Talent Strategy: Defining Career Paths to Achieve Retention Goals

Connecting members at a hospitality company with senior leaders to learn more about the diverse and unique opportunities for career growth and development.

The Challenge:

Employees don’t have an understanding of the breadth of career opportunities at the company which is leading to regrettable churn and low engagement.

Our Mission:

Empower employees to explore various departments and discover what best suits their passions and interests in order to grow their careers within the company.

The Outcome

Members have the opportunity to explore various departments to discover what best suits their passions and interests to grow their careers within the company.

The company has found that employees who are given the opportunity to develop their careers within the organization tend to stay on longer. Their internal mentoring program connects junior talent with senior employees to mentor, teach and help identify opportunities for career growth and development within the company. By putting their efforts into creating a culture of transformational change, the company has continued to support employees in finding out about opportunities that are right for them.

“Our culture is based on collective and collaborative intelligence, which unlocks the leadership potential of our 250,000 talented employees, encouraging them to dare, to take risks, to be bold.”

Chairman & CEO

To enhance the benefits of this 1:1 career mentorship, the company decided to help employees’ expand their networks even further. By regularly introducing members to senior leaders from properties and departments across North America, they set out to help employees learn from others and uncover opportunities in departments they may have never considered before. 

That’s why the company partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees. Using our smart matching technology, employees received an informal, data-driven introduction to a new colleague every month. By connecting members to a wide range of high performing employees across North America, we helped to create the foundational relationships that are so essential in combating the loss of early stage high potential talent. 

The Ten Thousand Coffees program helped to track and measure the effects of the internal career mobility program. Matching people across hotels, regions and geographies brought informality, freedom and excitement to career exploration, growth and development at the company.


  • 97% Feel that their introduction can be a valuable addition to their professional network
  • 74% Of members that reported they connected with their introduction learned something valuable and/or gained career advice from their conversation 
  • 41% Gained access to a senior leader they would not have otherwise met
  • 37% Feel more connected to the company programs, culture and direction
  • 22% Feel better equipped to succeed in their roles as participants and/or leaders
  • 19% Have a better understanding of career opportunities at their property or within the company


Catherine had a conversation with a hotel General Manager about her career and experience working over the years.


Catherine said that the conversation was really inspiring. She learnt about his career path and he gave her some great advice such as to never undervalue herself. She also says that the conversation has given her a better understanding of the greater company community beyond the San Francisco bay area.

Actionable Outcome

As her summit program ends, Catherine is using a lot of his advice on diversifying her experience and deciding her career path. Whether it will involve switching properties or departments, she plans on following his helpful advice on the best ways to balance any transition with self reflection. They have scheduled time to reconnect in early fall. She sees him as someone she would go to for industry wide advice not just career questions. As Catherine explains, “it’s amazing to have a corporate initiative that is super valuable”.

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