Success Stories

Using Consistent Conversations to Refine Product Knowledge and Drive Sales Results

How monthly employee knowledge sharing helped the adoption of best practices and created new opportunities to cross-sell.

The Challenge

It can be hard for employees to fully understand the wide breadth of products across the company, leading to an inconsistent client experience.

The Outcome

Employees deepened their understanding of strategies and business products across departments to more effectively sell to clients.

It can be hard for employees to fully understand every product that teams have to offer. We partnered with a Global division of Capital Markets at an international bank with a wide breadth of products. With teams working in various functions across the globe, employees struggled to keep up to date with all products on offer, causing sales opportunities to slip through the cracks.

The bank saw an opportunity to bridge the sales gap with a learning and development program centered around the products and capabilities. They decided to launch a program that complimented and enhanced the results of their existing training programs to better cross-sell products to clients.

The Ten Thousand Coffees program helped to connect teams globally to discuss business products, share best practices, and build a network of human learning resources across the business.

  • 95% of members found their introduction to be a valuable addition to their professional network
  • 82% left their conversations with a deeper understanding of business products
  • 76% made a new contact that could help them professionally


Anton recently joined the London office. He identified that a customer trading platform for precious metals would be a great way to better engage with the client and create sales opportunities. After looking into the logistics of building this, it became clear that there were currently too many obstacles for his team. As a result, the project was shelved. 


During a coffee chat with Mark, Anton discovered that Mark’s team was already working on a customer trading platform for precious metals. He learned about how they were dealing with many of the obstacles Anton’s team had identified and recognized how they could help cross-sell to clients between departments in the future. 

Actionable Outcome

Coffee chats opened Anton and Mark’s eyes to the importance of cross-department knowledge sharing. Expanding their network has helped them to learn more about projects in different departments and identify opportunities to cross-sell to clients.

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