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Talent Strategy: Defining Career Paths to Achieve Retention Goals

Connecting members at a hospitality company with colleagues and senior leaders to learn more about the range of opportunities for career growth within thier organization.

The Challenge

Employees lacked an understanding of the breadth of career opportunities at the company, ultimately leading to regrettable churn, low engagement, and high recruitment costs.

Our Mission

Empower employees through 1:1 meetings and office hours to explore different departments and discover potential opportunities internally that aligned with their interests and goals.

The Outcome

The company harnessed the power of Ten Thousand Coffees SmartMatching and 1:1 career mentorship. Through regular introductions, members met with colleagues and senior leaders from departments and locations across North America. Employees were empowered to uncover opportunities in departments they may have never considered before and expanded their internal network creating more opportunities for collaboration.

Through SmartMatching, employees received curated introductions based on profile data and company objectives to relevant colleagues. Regular, monthly introductions became the basis for foundational relationships that are essential to combating talent churn, especially early stage high potential talent. 

“Our culture is based on collective and collaborative intelligence, which unlocks the leadership potential of our 250,000 talented employees, encouraging them to dare, to take risks, to be bold.”

Chairman & CEO

The Results

  • 97% of members felt that their SmartMatches were valuable additions to their professional network.
  • 74% reported they learned something valuable and/or gained career advice from their conversations. 
  • 41% gained access to a senior leader they would not have otherwise met.
  • 37% felt more connected to the company programs, culture, and mission.
  • 22% felt better equipped to succeed in their roles as participants and/or leaders.
  • 19% had a better understanding of career opportunities within the company.

Member Experience:

Catherine had a conversation with a hotel General Manager about her career and experience working over the years.

She found the conversation really inspiring and learned about his career path. Her SmartMatch gave her great advice and tactics. She also mentioned that the conversation has given her a better understanding of the greater company community beyond the San Francisco bay area.

As her summit program ends, Catherine is using the advice to diversify her experience and build her career path. They have scheduled time to reconnect in early fall.

She sees him as someone she would go to for industry wide advice not just career questions. As Catherine explains, “It’s amazing to have a corporate initiative that is super valuable”.

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