Breaking down Barriers: A Global LGBT+ Business Executive Network.

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Dave Wilkin
July 16, 2019

The new program offers an opportunity for LGBT+ identified executives to expand their connections within the Out Leadership network, engage and develop as leaders and help enhance decision making for greater business impact. 

To enable organizations globally to accelerate the business impact of inclusion, Out Leadership and Ten Thousand Coffees have cemented a new partnership, giving hundreds of Out Leadership members access to an exclusive learning and development platform. By connecting with other OUT Leaderships members over coffee, global organizations can tap into the $5.2 Trillion LGBT+ market opportunity and champion inclusion while creating learning and talent development opportunities for their employees.  

According to a PWC and OUT Leadership survey, 39% of LGBT+ employees surveyed believe that their employers are failing to encourage LGBT+ diversity in the workplace. This suggests that many global organizations are not championing this group and are missing out on the proven benefits and business impact LGBT+ inclusion can bring. Through creating clear pathways for career progression, and building and empowering ally networks, organizations can easily support in the development of the next generation of LGBT+ talent and can expect access to a larger market, an increase in brand influence, and a boost in talent attraction. 

Ten Thousand Coffees is a learning and development platform used by Fortune 100 organizations to enable employees to learn from one another, share insights and develop new business opportunities. Ten Thousand Coffees is now being provided to LGBT+ employees to help them develop the skills and mentoring opportunities necessary to bridge the leadership gap. The program is available to all OUT Leadership members at no extra cost, thanks to the generous support of Capital One.

“When we foster strong relationships and strategic networks through connecting people with people, we create learning and career opportunities for ourselves, greater business impact for our employers, and growth opportunities for our communities,” said Todd Sears, Founder & Principal, Out Leadership. “A commitment to diversity and inclusivity can yield great dividends for organizations. We’re excited to partner with Ten Thousand Coffees to offer every member in our community of LGBT+ professionals an opportunity to connect with purpose, build skills and shape a powerful career network.” 

“We are elated to announce our partnership with OUT Leadership’s OUT Next program. By engaging and empowering LGBT+ executives around the country to drive change, we are also helping organizations create new business opportunities and push professional growth and talent development for employees forward,” said Dave Wilkin, Founder, Ten Thousand Coffees. “Having the opportunity to break down barriers and connect LGBT+ identifying people across the US is our opportunity to stand up for LGBT+ diversity initiatives across the globe.”

The Ten Thousand Coffees platform launched in July 2019 and announced at this year’s OUT Next leadership conference to a group of more than 100 members in executive positions across the United States with goals of growing the program globally.  

About Out Leadership

Out Leadership is the global LGBT+ business network CEOs and multinational companies trust to generate Return on Equality®. We create global executive events and insights that help leaders realize the economic growth and talent dividend derived from inclusive business, and convene groundbreaking talent accelerators: OutNEXT, the first global leadership development program for the next generation of LGBT+ talent; Quorum, which seeks to advance LGBT+ diversity in corporate governance; and OutWOMEN, which convenes and celebrates LGBT+ women in business. 

Out Leadership is a certified B Corp. 

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About Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is an enterprise talent development platform that enables companies to scale and measure informal development. Every month, members receive data-driven introduction that are customized to their goals, interests and role. Feedback and success stories provide your organization with impactful business insights about the success of your people-strategies.  The Future of Work is transforming organizations: informal development between colleagues is where talent mobility and culture sticks. 

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