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In 2014, 10KC was founded to democratize opportunity.

Our Story

10KC was born after our Founders, Dave Wilkin, CEO, and Elliott Garcea, CTO, had conversations with numerous CEOs and Fortune 500 leaders about talent development. From these conversations, they found out that the networks created amongst peers, colleagues and leaders created the best talent development experiences and career outcomes.

What Dave and Elliott identified is that many talent development experiences were left to chance and were unmeasurable; people chatting over lunch and having water cooler moments were not easy to quantify. Even more, unconscious bias contributes to preferential treatment, which heavily impacts career development and progression, leaving underrepresented groups with less opportunities for advancement.

Team Communication
10KC is a talent experience platform for inclusive mentoring, employee connectivity and skills development

They knew this wasn’t fair, or the best use of resources, so they decided to build a company that would strive to change that. They wanted to give all employees equitable access to the best talent development experiences using 10KC's technology.

With the move to decentralized, hybrid and remote working environments, 10KC's solutions are unlocking opportunity by creating meaningful employee connections in the new world of work. Our highly configurable technology helps employers build, scale and measure their employees’ engagement, connectivity and skills development initiatives.

Human connections are at the core of career development, culture, innovation, and inclusion. We built 10KC to create meaningful connections at scale.”
Dave Wilkin
Co-founder & CEO

Today, we've evolved into a talent experience platform for inclusive mentoring, employee connectivity and skills development, and we work with over 200 of the world’s leading companies and social impact organizations.

Meet our Founders

Dave Wilkin
Co-founder, CEO
Dave Wilkin is an award-winning serial entrepreneur...
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Elliott Garcea
Co-founder, CTO
Elliott Garcea started his career at Toyota in New Product Development before moving to Apple...
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