Mentoring Solution for Return-to-Office and Hybrid Workplaces

Make the office a destination with a mentoring and networking solution that increases engagement, retention, and belonging.

Use the office to rebuild employees' networks while creating equitable opportunities within your organization

40% of employees feel disconnected from their company as a whole
Source: HBR
73% of employees say they need a better reason to return to the office than just company expectations.
Source: HBR
84% of employees would be motivated to go into the office if they could socialize with coworkers.
Source: HBR
“We're using technology to open new doors and have new conversations that we haven't had before, and break down silos. We're leveraging 10KC to increase connectivity for career growth, to democratize access to opportunity and to meet new people outside of the spaces in which we normally show up.”
Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters

An all-in-one return-to-office & hybrid mentoring experience

Leverage our mix of 1:1 and group learning sessions to create a positive workplace environment by connecting employees and building their relationships with mentors, leaders, subject matter experts, and peers.

Recreate “water cooler” moments and foster a sense of belonging with Smart Match Introductions

Connect employees for in-person conversations on the days they come to the office. With 10KC’s unbiased smart-match technology, you can ensure that employees expand their networks and make meaningful connections to advance their career development. Help foster meaningful conversations with 10KC’s discussion guides and resources.
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Promote return-to-office & hybrid initiatives by featuring the office as a destination with Office Hours

Bring employees together for social, group learning experiences with Office Hours events. From Lunch’n Learns to Career Ask Me Anythings, give employees a reason to come back to the office. You can also harness Office Hours as a platform for listening circles and inclusivity efforts to better understand and address employee concerns about RTO.
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Increase employee engagement and performance, regardless of location, with Hybrid Mentoring Programs

Our off-the-shelf, guided, 1:1, or group mentoring programs support employees and leaders in skills development and fostering an inclusive culture in remote, hybrid, or in-person work environments.
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Ready to transform your RTO strategy?

See how 10KC’s inclusive mentoring and networking platform can help boost employee engagement and retention.

The 10KC Advantage

Effortlessly deploy and scale your return-to-office mentoring programs by matching 1000s of employees in your organization with the click of a button.
Gain real-time, actionable insights on employee sentiment, adoption rates, engagement levels, and more to ensure RTO initiatives are meeting your desired goals.
Create strong and impactful matches between employees based on shared goals and interests with our 98% match quality score.
Ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow by seamlessly integrating 10KC programs with the tools your teams use everyday.
Use our off-the-shelf hybrid and return-to-office workplace mentoring solutions to get started immediately. Or, deploy existing talent experience programs at scale.
Go beyond 1:1 mentoring and create high-impact, company-wide conversations through engaging group meetings and leader-facilitated discussions.

Create a connected hybrid office experience with 10KC

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