Online Mentoring in the Workplace - A Complete Guide

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The importance of mentorship in a virtual world
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The many faces of mentorship
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A snapshot of mentoring benefits
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Goal setting
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How to prep and deploy
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Setting expectations with your teams
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Collecting feedback
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10KC Development Programs
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Final thoughts

The importance of mentorship in a virtual world

With decentralized work the new norm, it’s not hard to understand why organizational connections are on the decline. Although we’re invited to more meetings than ever, we feel more isolated and professionally off-track.

Not only is the daily coffee chat reduced to Slack messaging and the odd after work Zoom drinks, but focusing on career development seems the furthest from our minds. While many are juggling homeschooling, puppy-sitting, and mental health issues, it’s hard to prioritize taking the next step on the career ladder.

With the future of work uncertain, the power of virtual connections is truly realized; with its ability to break down barriers and increase access for all. Here’s where mentoring comes in.

Not only does mentorship provide the connection that we’ve all been yearning for, but it also allows us to refocus our energy on our professional development and take control of something in our lives, when we’ve been feeling so out of control for so long.

For businesses, mentorship offers a chance for leaders and SMEs to share their knowledge and boost the productivity of their teams. In fact, 67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentorship.

While the everyday world may have stopped, it certainly hasn’t for businesses who, despite the chaos, still have very real business goals to meet. Mentorship programs offer the opportunity for Talent teams to keep reaching HR goals tied to objectives such as retention, recruitment, & championing diversity.
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