Mentorship Program

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Meet bi-weekly for 6 months
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Early to Mid-Career Mentees Senior Mentors

With the shift towards hybrid work environments, organizations must be more intentional about how their employees build relationships and develop their careers. Our mentorship program creates shared value between mid-career talent and senior employees by: 

  • Providing curriculum to develop the key competencies needed for career growth
  • Matching employees based on shared interests and goals in order to remove bias
  • Building strong, trusting networks to drive engagement, promotion and retention
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Frontline Workforce Solution

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Meet monthly for 8 months
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Frontline worker Corporate Employees

Career growth and development is a key priority for the frontline workforce and a driver of business retention and performance. Yet, little pathways to the corporate environment exist. Our program empowers the frontline workforce by: 

  • Providing skills training to develop the key competencies needed for the corporate environment
  • Fostering belonging by matching peers across teams and within ERGs
  • Creating inclusive employment pathways to support a diverse talent pipeline

Our Mentorship Solution Delivers

equity and inclusion
Scale your talent initiatives by matching 1000s of frontline employees in your organization with the click of a button.
We provide data on employee sentiments, skill development and program insights – all in real-time, making the feedback actionable.
Knowledge Sharing
Create an equitable culture of opportunity through high-quality matches by delivering a 98% match rate.
Our software is easily embedded in your everyday life. We can use workers’ personal emails which makes it convenient and accessible. 
We provide off-the-shelf programs for your frontline employees. Already have a career mobility program? Great! Use our platform to deploy it.
job expertise
Our platform recognizes the mentors that are advancing frontline talent at your organization in real time.

How it works

Development Programs
Initiate guided 1:1 conversations with a structured curriculum customized for frontline employees to ensure purposeful connections, conversations and skill development.

Already have a great program? Use our platform to deploy it at scale.
Office Hours
Provide frontline workers with the opportunity to discuss and learn various job-seeking strategies.

It’s a win-win: frontline talent gains exposure to recruiters and intel, while companies build inclusive pathways to corporate jobs.
Automatically match frontline employees with colleagues, leaders and mentors to build the network they need to feel supported.

Embrace DEI by giving frontline talent opportunities to connect across teams and with ERGs.

Sample Frontline Worker Program

Taking the leap into the corporate world can be tricky. We make it easy by providing the skills and relationships needed to thrive in the corporate environment, using our SmartMatch technology and Discussion Resources.

Meet monthly for 8 months

Meeting 1: Getting to Know Each Other & Goal Setting

Meeting 2: Establishing Your Personal Brand
Meeting 3: Strengthen Your Resume and Cover Letter
Meeting 4: Connection, Relationship and Network Expansion
Meeting 5: Scouting Career Opportunities
Meeting 6: Shine in Your Next Job Interview
Meeting 7: Excelling in the Corporate World
Meeting 8: Reflection 

Key Mentorship Program Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Employee Outcomes
  • Connect with other frontline workers to cultivate belonging
  • Build a network of 12+ connections that drive advancement opportunities
  • Greater confidence in applying for promotions 
  • Broaden skills in seeking employment opportunities
  • Gain visibility to corporate colleagues and leaders
  • Develop skills needed to build your career
  • Foster meaningful relationships with trusted sources in the organization
Learn more about our
Frontline Solution
Our overview covers the key program themes and what's included

Key Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Connect with diverse peers to foster a sense of belonging
  • Build a network of 12+ connections that drive productivity and promotion
  • Have greater confidence in reaching out to senior leaders for help 
  • Identify new colleagues to collaborate with
  • Gain visibility to senior leadership
  • Understand and help inform the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy
  • Develop skills needed to build their careers
  • Find a trusted source within the organization

Clients love 10KC

"The modern approach to mentoring is leveraging technology. Oftentimes mentoring programs are pen to paper, or Excel files - it's a manual process. With Ten Thousand Coffees' smart algorithms and data matching we have an opportunity to capitalize in a really meaningful way, and embed this in our wider talent management systems. We're able to track progress and success."
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Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters
"We're building a diversity and inclusion roadmap that's focused on impact, that'll be measured and communicated to our employees. Through technology and tools like Ten Thousand Coffees, our hope is that we'll democratize access to networks. We're looking to scale up because everyone needs to be part of the conversation."
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David Simmonds
SVP Communications

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