Accelerate your talent strategy with employee sponsorship programs

Create growth opportunities for your team with an employee sponsorship program that increases performance, retention, and belonging.

Foster inclusion and belonging with a sponsorship program that puts your employees first.

Sponsors are leaders that use their influence to advocate for a sponsee’s career development. Corporate sponsorship programs unlock hidden talent while elevating diverse and underrepresented employees who may otherwise lack the visibility and networks to get ahead in their careers.

Advance diverse talent

Break down barriers, boost visibility, and level the playing field for diverse talent through equitable access to networks, skills development, and career opportunities through sponsorship.

Drive employee engagement

Build belonging with meaningful connections and support networks that make your team happier and more productive.

Create long-term relationships

Keep employees engaged in sponsorship with actionable insights that turn long-term relationships into long-term benefits. 
"With 10KC, we now have an ideal platform to enable connection on a number of dimensions and extend our reach across the national firm in ways that would not have been possible for us in the past. We’re living a new normal with 10KC that addresses our evolving needs and challenges and enables our focus on building and sustaining an inclusive and caring workplace."
Soula Courlas
Interim Chief People Officer, PWC

Interested in understanding what effective sponsorship looks like?

Download our complete guide to see curriculum, employee experience & more.

A fully-integrated employee sponsorship program that helps you and your team reach your goals.

The inclusive tools you need to connect employees with the right sponsors and leaders.

Tried-and-true corporate sponsorship programs that foster sponsor-sponsee relationships

Promote career advancement with an off-the-shelf, guided 1:1 sponsorship program for employees. Action-oriented curriculums are designed to build effective relationships so everyone can get the most out of sponsorship.

Already have a great career sponsorship program? We’ll help you deploy it at scale!

Create unbiased matches at scale with Introductions

When it comes to employee sponsorship, matches matter. 10KC’s Smart Match technology connects sponsees with the right leaders and networks. 

The result? Authentic, unbiased relationships that turn into real opportunities.

Pave the way for sponsorship with Office Hours

Inclusive and successful sponsorship goes beyond 1:1 relationships. Foster employee visibility and create equitable access to busy senior leaders with Office Hours.

Create a culture of sponsorship with interactive conversions about advancement and employee development in small-group settings.

Why organizations love 10KC’s employee sponsorship programs

Create sponsorship at scale and match 1000s of employees in your organization with the click of a button.
Get actionable insights on employee satisfaction, adoption rates, engagement levels, and more—all in real time.
Establish high-quality sponsorship matches based on career goals and shared interests with our 98% match quality score.
Seamlessly integrateitegrate your employee sponsorship program with the tools your teams use every day.
Get started right away with off-the-shelf solutions or deploy your existing sponsorship program at scale.
Make sponsorship a team affair. Create high-impact conversations through leader-led discussions and group meetings.
Portrait of David Simmonds
“We’re building a diversity and inclusion roadmap that’s focused on impact, that’ll be measured and communicated to our employees. Through technology and tools like Ten Thousand Coffees, our hope is that we’ll democratize access to networks. We’re looking to scale up because everyone needs to be part of the conversation.”
David Simmonds
SVP, Global Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer

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