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We easily integrate with your existing HR talent experience tools and systems

10KC makes it easy for HR program administrators to launch and manage our platform. Our plugins drive engagement by allowing your employees to access our features through their favourite work apps and tools.
Featured Integrations

HRIS Directory Sync

Save hours by automatically pulling employee data from your HRIS for user onboarding and program launches.

We support Azure AD, G Suite, Okta, Workday, and many more.
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Employee Engagement Survey


Connect your employees where they are already spending their time. Foster mentorship, connectivity and skills development through our 1:1 Smart Matching feature on your corporate Slack channel.

HRIS Analytics

Measure the value of your programs by collecting real-time feedback from employee user data, and tie it to the HR metrics you care about. 

Receive data-driven recommendations to grow your programs until your business outcomes are achieved.
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hybrid employee networking

SSO (Single Sign On)

Reduce HR and IT burdens by enabling faster employee signups. One click SSO automates access to your internal career networks to quickly authenticate employee logins.

We support Microsoft Azure AD (SAML), Google (OAuth, SAML), Okta (SAML), and many more.


Employees can easily connect with their colleagues by booking meetings in one click. 

We support all major calendar systems (Microsoft, Google, and Apple), and no additional IT setup is required.
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hybrid employee networking


We deliver all of your talent experience programs through email, where your employees are most likely to engage.

Your employees’ introductions, Office Hours and program reminders will be right in their inbox.

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