Onboarding Mentoring Solution

Engage every new hire with an employee onboarding mentoring experience that drives productivity, belonging, and retention.

Poor onboarding programs jeopardize new hire retention and result in significant financial costs.


Organizations with strong employee onboarding practices improve employee retention by 82%.

Source: HBR
of new hires leave

for a new opportunity within the first 45 days of the job.

Source: HCI
satisfaction increase

Satisfaction among new hires increases by 36% when they have an onboarding buddy.

Source: HBR

The world’s top organizations are using 10KC’s Onboarding Programs to build culture and drive engagement.

“10KC became a vehicle for change for our DEI initiatives. By hosting strategic sessions between leaders and diverse talent, we were able to radically transform the way we approach topics around race and inclusion. 10KC allowed me to create these safe environments where diverse talent could share their perspectives and feel supported by leaders without fear of judgment.”
Diversity and Inclusion Leader
Olivia Nuamah
Diversity and Inclusion Leader, PwC Canada

An all-in-one employee Onboarding Mentoring experience

Starting out in a new role can be daunting. Our Onboarding Solution automatically connects each new hire with a pre-boarding buddy, onboarding buddy, colleagues, and leaders across the organization to integrate them into the culture and build their network from day one.

Smart-Match Networking

Automatically match new hires with colleagues, leaders, and mentors to build the network they need to feel supported. 

Easily break the ice with guides that keep ideas and conversations flowing.
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Group Learning Experiences for New Hires

An interactive format for leaders to connect with new hires as part of their onboarding and build rapport.

Ensure purposeful connections and conversations with solution templates curated to your audience’s interests.
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Onboarding Buddy Programs

Match new hires with seasoned employees for a guided experience focused on the organizational and social aspects of onboarding.

Our onboarding programs provide structured curriculum and resources tailored to your onboarding needs.
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Onboarding programs for all your talent priorities

Engage new hires with an exceptional onboarding experience.

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