Ten Thousand Coffees helps employees build the internal networks they need to succeed.
Employees with diverse networks are more successful.


More likely to be engaged


Decrease in turnover


Increase in innovation


Higher productivity

Why Ten Thousand Coffees?

Create Purpose-Driven Conversations

Customizeable conversation icebreakers and themes to help employees learn directly from their colleagues.

Connect to Your Company Mission

Small group conversations with leadership gives every employee access to the mission of the company.

Actionable Data for Continuous Improvement

Constant feedback collection drives program optimization strategy.

Relied upon by global organizations - from high growth technology companies to the Fortune 500.
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"These conversations really show that you can be your true authentic self, and that you can be successful. When new employees make those connections and hear other people's stories, they feel like they can go into those settings and work environments and really have success."

Brien Convery

Director, Early Talent Acquisition and Engagement

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"Ten Thousand Coffees helps to build networking into employees' every day work - they can go and grab a coffee and have a conversation with someone about what each of them is working on and see if there’s any opportunity for collaboration to further the mission of the firm."

Alessa Quane

Chief Risk Officer

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"Often people feel like they need the big program - they need parameters, they need rules, they need regulations. And that process is difficult and it takes a lot of time. And I think what’s important about Ten Thousand Coffees is that it allows these things to be quick, efficient, fast, simple - and in today's environment, simple is good."

Dave Moncur

Vice President Human Resources

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