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10KC’s mentorship software helps you build, manage, scale, and measure all of your mentoring and networking experiences to drive better employee engagement and retention.
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10KC's mentorship software drives measurable outcomes

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How can 10KC’s mentorship software empower your organization?

Build, manage, scale, and measure your employee programs with 10KC’s mentorship platform

Deploy high-impact employee initiatives through
Development Programs

Leverage research-based, off-the shelf mentoring curriculums for employee development programs. We’re constantly evolving programs to help you drive engagement, retention, and representation across your organization.
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Connect employees at scale with unbiased, automated

Enhance employee connection and automatically match talent through our Smart-Match algorithm to build the networks and skills for success. Break the ice with conversation starters that get ideas and discussions flowing.
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Initiate productive roundtable conversations with interactive
Office Hours

Whether in-person or through virtual Office Hours, provide an interactive format for employees to gain skills, align on a shared vision, and gain exposure to leaders. Our built-in scheduling and communication tools help you reduce admin burden and facilitate conversations with a large group.
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10KC's solutions and highly configurable technology are unlocking opportunities by creating meaningful employee connections in the new world of work.
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“Humans are wired to connect and a hybrid work environment shouldn’t impede employees from connecting with others. With hybrid work environments here to stay, companies and leaders need to adapt and symbiotically enable employee connections in an easy and automated way.”

Karissa Bussard
Global Senior HR Partner, Digital Technology at GE
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“It went from mentorship in smaller pockets across the company to a business-centered, application-based program that focused on creating visibility and career development opportunities for both mentees and mentors.”

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Crystal Neill
DEI, Global Development Sr Program Manager