Make talent development an experience, not a module

200+ organizations are using our solutions to develop, connect and engage their employees

200+ companies and social impact organizations are using our solutions to develop and connect their employees, drive employee engagement and achieve their DEI goals.

How does 10KC work?

10KC offers many different development programs, some of which include the Women in Leadership Program, Early in Career Program, and the popular Mentorship Program.
Development programs

Guided 1:1 mentorship programs

Empower every employee to own their own development. Work with our team to build self-guided learning programs that enable people to collaboratively develop the skills they need to unlock the next step in their career.
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Create meaningful employee connections

Automatically match employees 1:1 based on their career goals, shared interests, or differences—no spreadsheets or manual work required. We’ll take care of every detail from sending introductions and offering conversation starters, to collecting feedback and measuring meeting outcomes.
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Ten Thousand Coffees' matching algorithms can help pair up employees with similar goals.
Employee Connection Software
Office Hours

Connect the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow

Open up conversations between senior leaders and employees with group sessions. We’ll match leaders with small groups of employees and lighten the admin load by taking care of invites, crowdsourcing questions, and collecting insights from participants. All your leaders need to do is attend.
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Community hub

Build virtual communities that bring employees together

Create dedicated communities that make it easier for employees to find others who share their interests, career stage, or role, all within one hub. Once employees join, we’ll Smart-Match them with peers and leaders so they get the most out of the communities they're a part of.
Virtual Communities & Networking
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Community directory

Easily find and connect with your colleagues

Ditch the org chart. Easily search your community to find peers and leaders who want to connect over a virtual coffee. Learn more about their role and interests from their profile, then start a conversation right from the directory.
Data & Reporting

Understand the impact of your talent development programs

Measure the outcomes of every interaction so the value employee connections add to your business is unmistakable. From direct feedback as connections happen, to quarterly, on-demand summaries, we make it easy to share your program outcomes with your organization.
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hybrid employee networking

How you can use 10KC to bring your organization together

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We know how to bring people together

We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest employers to create virtual communities where networking, mentorship, and collaboration thrive.
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Create new connections at scale

Connect thousands of employees to peers, leaders, and mentors that can help them reach their career goals - without adding to your workload.
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Seamless user

A seamless user experience that fits right in your employees’ inbox—no new logins or platforms.
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Fast implementation, ongoing support

We’ll partner with you every step of the way to make your program a success. Most employers have their program up and running in under 60 days.

"I can't stress the value of our partnership with 10KC enough. It's especially helpful for young employees and new hires who are looking to relocate down the road and talk to colleagues about what their experience is like in other regions."

Leilani Evans
Senior Business Manager

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