High Potential Talent Development Program

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Meet Monthly for 6 Months
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High Potential Talent ⟷ Seasoned Leaders

High potential talent development creates a strong pipeline of future leaders 
Our HIPO Program equips high potential talent with the skills and network needed to grow in their careers and create a steady pipeline of senior leaders.  We do this by: 

  • Creating learning opportunities between high potential talent and senior leadership
  • Providing structured curriculum and toolkits to ensure an incredible development experience
  • Teaching critical skills like personal branding, allyship and embracing change

Our High Potential Program Delivers:

equity and inclusion
Match all HiPos in your organization with the click of a button.
We provide data on HiPos sentiments, program insights, engagement levels, adoption rates – all in real-time, making the feedback actionable.
Knowledge Sharing
Create high impact employee connections leveraging our Smart Match algorithm, which delivers high quality and unbiased matches with a 98% match quality score.
Our software is embedded in your pre-existing platforms. Designed to fit into employees’ flow of work.
We provide off-the shelf programs for all your employees. Already have a high potential program? Use our platform to deploy it.
job expertise
Our platform recognizes the employees that are connecting, advancing and building culture at your organization in real-time.

How it Works

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Mentorship Programs
Create guided development programs with structured curriculum and resources tailored to build and reinforce the skills high potential future leaders need as they progress in their career.

Already have a high potential program? Use our platform to deploy it at scale.
Smart Match Employee Introductions
Smart Match Introductions
Automatically match high potentials with each other and with senior leaders to build the relationships needed to lead effectively. 

Easily break the ice with guides that keep ideas and conversations flowing.
Office Hour Session for Leading with Empathy
Group Learning with Office Hours
An interactive format to dive into key topics in a small group setting while providing high potentials with visibility and exposure to senior leaders. 

Ensure purposeful connections and conversations with solution templates curated to your leadership needs.

Sample High Potential Program

Don’t let potential go unrealized. Develop and support your high potential talent to grow in their careers and lead effectively in the new world of work.

Meet monthly for 6 months
High Potential & Developing Leaders
Seasoned Leaders

Meeting 1: Goal Setting & Getting to Know Each Other

Meeting 2: Identifying Your Barriers and Opportunities for Growth

Meeting 3: Building Cross-Functional Experience & Relationships

Meeting 4: Understanding Inclusion & Allyship

Meeting 5: How to Beat Burnout

Meeting 6: Reflection & Adapting to Change

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Key High Potential Program Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Participant Outcomes
  • Role Effectiveness
  • Cross-Team Collaboration
  • Enterprise Understanding
  • Leadership Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • Mentoring Skills
  • Career Advice
  • Professional Development
  • Career Insights
  • Career Development
  • See Growth Potential
  • Feeling Valued
  • Connection to Colleagues
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Intent to Stay
  • Mentor Recognition
Learn More About Our
High Potential Talent Solution
Our overview covers the key program themes and what's included

Key Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Connect with diverse peers to foster a sense of belonging
  • Build a network of 12+ connections that drive productivity and promotion
  • Have greater confidence in reaching out to senior leaders for help 
  • Identify new colleagues to collaborate with
  • Gain visibility to senior leadership
  • Understand and help inform the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy
  • Develop skills needed to build their careers
  • Find a trusted source within the organization

Your employees will love 10KC’s leadership development solutions

"We're using technology to open new doors and have new conversations that we haven't had before, and break down silos. We're leveraging Ten Thousand Coffees to increase connectivity for career growth, to democratize access to opportunity and to meet new people outside of the spaces in which we normally show up."
Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters
We needed a platform like Ten Thousand Coffees to address employee feedback asking for more opportunities for professional development and understand career mobility in the organization.
Olivia Lee
Chief of Staff, AIG Investments

Turn potential into performance through our high impact talent development experience

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