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200+ organizations are using our solutions to develop, connect and engage their employees

200+ companies and social impact organizations are using our solutions to develop and connect their employees, drive employee engagement and achieve their DEI goals.

Data Dashboard

Know who’s in your community - and what they want to get out of it

Manually matching employees with their peers based on shared goals and interests takes time you can’t spare. Ditch your spreadsheets. Collect your teams’ career goals and interests when they join your community so you can create meaningful matches at scale.

Keep a pulse on activity in your community

Use real-time program data to learn how many employees have made a new connection or participated in an Office Hour event. You can also track program engagement and adoption, and how they’ve rated their experiences.

Measure the value of your programs in real-time

Don’t wait until the end of the quarter to gather insights. Collect feedback as new connections are made. We’ll help you design and deliver a survey that measures the value of every interaction, right after it happens. As a bonus: we’ll roll all of these insights into a dashboard summary for view on-demand.

Tie every interaction back to your goals

Make sure your programs are moving you closer to your talent experience goals, whether that’s moving more interns to full-time hires, increasing diverse representation, or boosting retention. From early success indicators like adoption and reach, to the metrics that drive your business, we’ll share it all in your dashboard so you’re always moving forward.

"The modern approach to mentoring is leveraging technology. Often times mentoring programs are pen to paper, or Excel files - it's a manual process. With Ten Thousand Coffees' smart algorithms and data matching we have an opportunity to capitalize in a really meaningful way, and embed this in our wider talent management systems. We're able to track progress and success."

Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion
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