Women’s Mentoring Solution

Advance women in the workplace with a mentoring solution that increases engagement, retention and belonging.

Women’s Mentoring programs create equitable opportunities in your organization

Women are promoted 30% less than men in corporate environments, often attributed to their network.
Source: McKinsey
Women leaders are leaving their jobs at the highest rate in years.
Source: McKinsey
Senior men are 12x more likely to hesitate having 1-on-1 meetings with women 
Source: Lean In
“10KC became a vehicle for change for our DEI initiatives. By hosting strategic sessions between leaders and diverse talent, we were able to radically transform the way we approach topics around race and inclusion. 10KC allowed me to create these safe environments where diverse talent could share their perspectives and feel supported by leaders without fear of judgment.”
Image of Olivia
Olivia Nuamah
Diversity and Inclusion Leader, PwC Canada

An all-in-one Women’s Mentoring experience

Leverage our mix of 1:1 and group learning sessions to intentionally strengthen women’s mentoring networks and build relationships across mentors, leaders, subject matter experts and peers.

Women’s Mentoring Programs

Our off-the-shelf, guided 1:1 or 1 to many structured female mentoring programs prioritize women's careers through network expansion and relevant skills development.

Already have a great women’s mentoring program? Use our platform to deploy it at scale.

Office Hours Tailored for Women

Group learning environments provide visibility and opportunity for women to discuss topics that are most important to them with senior leaders, SMEs and colleagues.

Through this equitable approach, Office hours also ensure women employees are building their professional network - a key tool for career advancement.
Learn more about Office Hours

Smart Match Introductions

Build on the momentum and continue to broaden women’s mentoring networks automatically through 10KCs unbiased smart match technology to ensure talent is meeting with the right colleagues.

Ensure meaningful conversation with the help of 10KC discussion guides and resources.
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Why organizations love 10KC's mentoring programs

Scale your women’s mentoring programs by matching 1000s of employees in your organization with the click of a button.
Get actionable insights on employee sentiment, adoption rates, engagement levels and more—all in real-time.
Create high quality matches between female employees based on shared goals and interests with our 98% match quality score
Integrate your talent experience programs seamlessly with the tools your teams use everyday so employees' flow of work isn't interrupted
Use our off-the-shelf women’s mentoring solutions to get started immediately or deploy existing talent experience programs at scale
Go beyond 1:1 mentoring and create high-impact conversations company-wide through small leader-led discussions and group meetings

Advance women’s careers with 10KC

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