DEI Mentoring

Advance diverse talent in the workplace with a DEI mentorship program solution that increases engagement, retention and belonging.

True diversity, equity, and inclusion happens when we create opportunities for every employee to learn new skills and make connections.


Representation of equity-seeking groups at management level increases by up to 24% with a diversity mentorship program.

Source: HBR

Research shows diverse talent need formal DEI mentoring programs as they often lack confidence to reach out.

Source: HBR

of managers who are men are uncomfortable mentoring women.

Source: HBR

The world’s top organizations are using 10KC to provide career growth and professional development to their leaders.

"10KC became a vehicle for change for our DEI initiatives. By hosting strategic sessions between leaders and diverse talent, we were able to radically transform the way we approach topics around race and inclusion. 10KC allowed me to create these safe environments where diverse talent could share their perspectives and feel supported by leaders without fear of judgment.”
Olivia Nuamah
Diversity and Inclusion Leader, PwC Canada

An all-in-one DEI program and mentoring experience

Leverage our mix of 1:1 and group learning sessions to intentionally strengthen diverse talent’s networks and build relationships across mentors, leaders, subject matter experts, and peers.

DEI Mentorship Programs

Deploy guided 1:1 or Group mentoring conversations with structured curriculum customized for the needs of diverse talent (e.g. Women, Black Employees, LGBTQ+ and more) to ensure purposeful connections and conversations.

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Group Learning Experiences for Diverse Talent

Using Office Hours, Leaders & SMEs can host events to create two-way Dialogue for high-priority talent, increasing both visibility and exposure to leadership.
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Smart-Match Networking

Match every employee, especially those within Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), for networking aligned to their interests and goals.

Introduce diverse talent to senior leaders within their division or talent within your broader organization.
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DEI mentorship programs for all your priority talent groups

Women’s Mentoring Program
ERG Mentoring Program
Indigenous Professionals Mentoring Program
Black Professionals Mentoring Program
LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program
Diverse Talent Mentoring Program
Neurodiverse Mentoring Program
Newcomer Onboarding Program

Accelerate your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals today.

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