Drive retention and increase engagement with enterprise mentoring programs

See how the 10KC platform can help you build high-impact mentorship programs, without the admin hassle.

Off-the-shelf templates

Choose from our library of Mentorship templates and assets or customize it to fit your organization’s needs.

Define your segments ↓

Define participants match criteria

Determine the attributes which make a match - role, career experience, function, ERG, location, departments, growth area, etc.

Pair with confidence ↓

Match with confidence using our Smart-match algorithm

Our Smart-matching algorithm removes bias and allows you to create relevant matches at scale. Match participants based on preferred or required matching rules such as roles, goals, interests and skills.

Follow a guided curriculum ↓

Guided curriculum

Our off-the-shelf self-guided curriculum enables members to collaboratively develop the skills they need to unlock the next step in their career.

Engage cohorts ↓

Increase program adoption and engagement by using tools they know and love

Employees receive their program invitations directly in their email or messaging application inbox ensuring adoption.

Track outcomes ↓

Allow members to track outcomes with Member Scorecard

From structured 1:1 programs to interactive roundtable formats - members can track their outreach with colleagues from entry level to executive leadership. Our community driven approach gives access to a wide network rather than just a single coach, mentor or buddy.

Measure your program’s ROI

Track program performance overview such as signups, participation rates, goal completions, session feedback, pairing relevancy, and much more. Our dashboards will help you understand and act on member feedback.

Unlock Opportunity Through Meaningful Connections

Learn how 10KC’s talent experience platform supports inclusive mentoring, employee connectivity and skills development.