Early Talent Mentoring Solution

Engage early talent with a mentoring experience that drives attraction, conversion and engagement.

Early Talent – Interns, Co-op Students, and New Grads – needs formal onboarding, networking, and mentoring solutions.

of Early Talent

would consider leaving their current company for one with mentorship opportunities.

Source: HBR
employee retention

Organizations with strong onboarding practices improve employee retention by 82%.

Source: HBRI
turnover risk

A sense of belonging decreases turnover risk by 50%.

Source: HBR

Early Talent leaders use 10KC to power their student experience and build employer brand recognition.

“Ten Thousand Coffees allows students to build their network, learn new skills, and gain confidence, particularly for students who maybe are not quite sure yet what they want to do in their career. These conversations replace the resume. 10KC allows students to connect and talk about their expertise, skills and background in a more natural way. “
Brien Convery,
National Director, Early Talent Communities
"I absolutely loved speaking with my mentor. She was kind enough to share her journey at IBM and resources to better develop myself as a professional. Highly recommend taking advantage of 10K Coffees because you never know who you will connect with that will lend you a helping hand towards your success!"
- IBM Student
IBM Partner

An all-in-one Early Talent mentoring experience

Our Early Talent Solution automatically connects Early Talent with an onboarding buddy, colleagues, and leaders across the organization to integrate them into the culture and build their network from day one.

Smart-Match Networking

Give every Early Talent hire a world class pre-boarding and onboarding experience by matching them within their team, department, or broader organization. 

Embrace DEI by giving diverse talent opportunities to connect within their ERGs and company-wide.
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Office Houra

Group Learning Experiences for Early Talent

An interactive format for leaders to connect with Early Talent as part of their onboarding and build rapport.

Ensure purposeful connections and conversations with solution templates curated to your audience’s interests.
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Early Talent Mentoring Programs

Make Mentorship your competitive advantage using guided, 1:1 or group programs that help Early Talent learn the way they learn best, from other people.

Already have a great Early Talent program? Use our platform to deploy it at scale.
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Early Talent programs for all your talent priorities

Accelerate your Early Talent goals today.

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