Early Talent Program

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12-month experience
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Early Talent Emerging Leaders/Hiring Managers

Students and New Grads need formal onboarding, connectivity and mentoring solutions. Our career development platform creates opportunities for Early Talent by:

  • Building networks to drive engagement and belonging
  • Gaining access to leadership networks for career opportunities
  • Developing skills and connections to build their careers
Early Talent Program

Our Solution Delivers:

equity and inclusion
Scale your Early Talent initiatives by matching 1000s of new hires in your organization for onboarding, networking and mentorship with the click of a button.
We provide data on Early Talent experiences, program insights and engagement levels – all in real-time, making the feedback actionable and providing data to inform offer decisions.
Knowledge Sharing
Create an inclusive, connected culture for early talent through high-quality matches. We deliver a 98% match quality score through our SmartMatch algorithm.
Our software is embedded in your pre-existing platforms. Designed to fit into employees’ flow of work.
We provide off-the-shelf career development programs. Already have an Early Talent program? Great! Use our platform to deploy it at scale.
job expertise
Our platform recognizes the mentors that are advancing Early Talent at your organization in real-time.

How it works

Smart Employee Mentor Matching
Smart Match Introductions
Give every Early Talent hire a world class pre-boarding and onboarding experience by matching them within their team, department, or broader organization. 
Connect Early Talent
Group Matching with Office Hours
Connect Early Talent groups with senior leaders for learning and group mentorship opportunities.
Mentoring Program Goals
Mentoring Programs
Make mentorship your competitive advantage using guided, 1:1 programs that help Early Talent learn the way they learn best, from other people.

Sample Development Program(s)

Meeting new people can sometimes be intimidating, especially for Early Talent. We curate the experience and ensure success using our SmartMatch technology and Discussion Resources.

Sample Early Talent Mentoring Program

Meeting 1:
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritization & Time Management
  • Setting Boundaries in Your Work
Meeting 2:
  • Identifying Barriers to Career Growth
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • Working with Others
Meeting 3:
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations
  • Building a Growth Mindset
  • Embracing Change
Meeting 4:
  • Goal setting
  • Prioritization & Time Management
  • Setting Boundaries in Your Work

Other programs

Onboarding Buddy Program
Connectivity Program
Mentorship Program
Diverse Talent Mentoring Programs
and more

Key Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

  • Expanded professional network that drives productivity and a sense of belonging
  • Skills development that enables career progression
  • Increased cross-team collaboration that fosters innovation
  • Career pathing opportunities to promote internal mobility
  • Access and visibility to senior leadership that drives inclusion 
  • Mentor identification to enable promotion
  • Increased role effectiveness and enterprise understanding 
Learn more about our
Early Talent Solution
Our overview covers the key program themes and what's included
Early Talent Solution

Key Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Connect with diverse peers to foster a sense of belonging
  • Build a network of 12+ connections that drive productivity and promotion
  • Have greater confidence in reaching out to senior leaders for help 
  • Identify new colleagues to collaborate with
  • Gain visibility to senior leadership
  • Understand and help inform the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy
  • Develop skills needed to build their careers
  • Find a trusted source within the organization

Your employees will love 10KC

Here’s what our past participants say: 

"I absolutely loved speaking with my mentor. She was kind enough to share her journey at IBM and resources to better develop myself as a professional. Highly recommend taking advantage of 10K Coffees because you never know who you will connect with that will lend you a helping hand towards your success!"
- IBM Student
"My first coffee chat was a very meaningful experience and unlocked a new interest in me towards consumer experience management. If I had not been paired with this first coffee chat, I wouldn't have known the different positions Adidas has to offer."
- Adidas Intern

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