Leading Change Program 

Equip leaders with the skills & mindsets to lead change and thrive in constant organizational transformation.

Prepare your leaders with critical skills to lead change, build engagement, and drive performance.

support organizational change

Employees’ willingness to support organizational change collapsed to just 43% in 2022, compared to 74% in 2016

Source: HBR
not equipped

73% of HR leaders confirmed their organization’s leaders and managers aren’t equipped to lead change

Source: McLean
Leading Change is a Top Priority

According to the Gartner report, Leading Change is a top priority in 2024

Source: Gartner Report
"What I love about 10KC is the combination of Mentoring, Networking and Group Learning Sessions. This unique and multi-faceted approach really works to reinforce the skills and mindsets while also creating opportunities for connection and belonging -- critical components for change initiatives."
Catherine Brown, 
Founder, Taybridge Leadership
For more than 20 years, Catherine has developed executive leadership programs focused on leading change at Google, Nike, Gap Inc., Ernst & Young and Singularity University.

Use 10KC’s Leading Change Program for:

Change Management

Offer mentorship for effective change management, ensuring smooth transitions and stability during organizational change.

Business Transformation

Boost leadership expertise in guiding successful business transformations, emerging stronger in competitive landscapes.


Provide practical approaches to foster resilience, sustain productivity, and maintain positive morale during periods of change. 


Foster constant innovation, equipping leaders with the skills to drive creative solutions and stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries.

Performance Culture

Create a high-performance culture with a structured approach, focusing on productivity, employee engagement, and continuous development. 

Skills Development

Enhance your team's capabilities, empowering leaders and employees with the competencies needed for today's dynamic business environment.

A comprehensive development experience for change leadership

Leverage our mix of 1:1 and group learning sessions designed to equip leaders for effective change management, while building connections with peers, mentors, and subject experts.

Build critical skills development with Mentoring programs

Our off-the-shelf, guided, 1:1, or group mentoring programs support leaders by building the skills needed for leading change and creating innovative, inclusive, and collaborative work environments to solve the problems of tomorrow. 
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Create a culture of learning and collaboration with Group Learning Sessions

Bring your leaders together for group learning with Group Learning sessions. From how to receive and action feedback to understanding common mind traps associated with change, Group Learning Sessions provide leaders with safe spaces to work on business challenges together.
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Foster inclusive leadership with Networking 

Connect leaders virtually or in person using 10KC’s Introductions. Leverage 10KC’s discussion guides and resources to broaden leaders’ networks, and activate cultural change by including more colleagues in the discussion.
Already have a great mentorship program? Use our mentorship platform to deploy it at scale.
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Why Use 10KC to Operationalize Your Change Leadership Strategy

People-centric approach.

Go beyond the traditional one-off change leadership training courses. Provide leaders opportunities to learn with colleagues year-round in interactive, collaborative learning environments using mentorship, networking, and group learning sessions.

Easily implemented & flexible.

We offer off-the-shelf, expert-informed curriculum. 10KC’s platform is also easily customizable and can be tailored to your organization’s evolving needs.

Measurable Outcomes.

10KC’s users report a 72% average increase in knowledge, skills, and abilities post-program.

Why organizations love 10KC’s corporate mentorship software

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Scale your programs by matching 1000s of employees in your organization with the click of a button.
Get actionable insights on employee sentiment, adoption rates, engagement levels and more—all in real-time.
Create high-quality matches between employees based on shared goals and interests with our 98% match quality score.
Integrate your talent experience programs seamlessly with the tools your team uses every day.
Get started immediately with our off-the-shelf solutions or deploy your existing talent experience program at scale.
Go beyond just 1:1 mentoring. Create company-wide conversations with small leader-led discussions and group meetings.

Be a leading change leader with 10KC

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How it works

Mentorship Programs
Create guided 1:1 mentorship programs with structured curriculums and resources tailored to your business goals.

Already have a great mentorship program? Use our platform to deploy it at scale.
Group Mentoring with Office Hours
An interactive format for leaders to provide group mentorship to employees.

Office Hours also provides employees opportunities to learn from subject matter experts to drive critical skill development.
Smart Match Introductions
Automatically match employees with peers and leaders to build the network they need to feel supported. 

Easily break the ice with conversation guides that keep ideas and conversations flowing.

Sample Mentoring Program

We curate your mentorship program and ensure success using our Discussion Guides, Program Toolkits and Competency Building Resources. 

Sample 6 Week Mentoring Program

Session 1: Getting to Know Each Other & Setting Goals

Session 2: Identifying Barriers to Career Growth
Session 3: Working with Others
Session 4: Embracing Change
Session 5: How to Stand Out
Session 6: Reflection & Next Steps

Other Mentorship Programs

Black Professionals
LGBTQ+ Professionals Program
Women in Leadership Program
and more

Key Mentorship Program Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Mentee Outcomes
  • Skill Development
  • Enterprise Understanding
  • Career Development
  • Role Effectiveness
  • Cross-Team Collaboration
  • Access to Senior Leaders
  • Connection to Colleagues
  • Connection to Company
  • Sense of Belonging
Mentor Outcomes
  • Mentorship Made Easy
  • Rewards Participants
  • Sponsor Identification
Learn more about our
Mentorship Solution
Our overview covers the key program themes and what's included

Key Outcomes

At 10KC, we pride ourselves on delivering a solution that drives measurable outcomes.

Participants will:

  • Connect with diverse peers to foster a sense of belonging
  • Build a network of 12+ connections that drive productivity and promotion
  • Have greater confidence in reaching out to senior leaders for help 
  • Identify new colleagues to collaborate with
  • Gain visibility to senior leadership
  • Understand and help inform the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy
  • Develop skills needed to build their careers
  • Find a trusted source within the organization

Take your mentorship program from burdensome to best in class

"The modern approach to mentoring is leveraging technology. Oftentimes mentoring programs are pen to paper, or Excel files - it's a manual process. With Ten Thousand Coffees' smart algorithms and data matching we have an opportunity to capitalize in a really meaningful way, and embed this in our wider talent management systems. We're able to track progress and success."
Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Thomson Reuters
“It went from mentorship in smaller pockets across the company to a business-centered, application-based program that focused on creating visibility and career development opportunities for both mentees and mentors.”

Crystal Neill
Senior Program Manager of Global DEI Development, Nike

Leading Change Program FAQ

Who is 10KC’s leading change program for?

This program is for any leader responsible for leading change in their organization. Clients typically use 10KC’s Leading Change program for: 

  • Change Management
  • Business Transformation
  • Restructures
  • Innovation
  • Creating a Performance Culture
  • Leadership Skills Development

Why is leadership during change important?

This is one of the most challenging times to be a leader, yet it is also the most critical. With challenges ranging from a pandemic to layoffs, employee burnout, and the emergence of new technologies, the pace and rate of change are at an all-time high. Now more than ever, employees need leaders who can guide their teams through change, ensuring engagement and high performance.

How do you get better at leading organizational change?

A great place to start is learning the common pitfalls in leading change and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Leaders who participate in the Leading Change program will learn skills such as:

  • Receiving and acting on feedback
  • Driving an innovation culture
  • Understanding different change mindsets
  • Leading across silos
  • Leading distributed teams
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Leading in complexity
  • And more!

This program will help leaders develop their leadership abilities and prepare them to successfully navigate organizational change.

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