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Why talent management is the key to creating an unmatched people strategy



of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy


of employees with poor training will leave the company within the first year


higher profit margins can be the result for companies who invest in training
*Huffington Post

Build an effective people strategy to drive business goals and promote employee engagement, retention, and recognition

Retain your people for longer

Don’t let lack of career development affect your retention rates. Let your employees take control of their own career paths with a range of automated networking and mentoring options that promote their well-being and don’t add to your workload.
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Make networking your competitive advantage

Give your employees the tools they need to connect with influential peers and leaders. Take the awkwardness out of reaching out by automatically pairing employees based on their goals and interests.
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Let leaders highlight the possibilities

With small group meetings led by business leaders, create a company culture of advice sharing with your teams. Invite group discussion and make internal mobility opportunities more visible while boosting your business' employee experience.
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Tie every interaction back to your goals

See the impact of every connection, all in one place. Whether it's moving more interns to full-time hires, increasing diverse representation, or focusing on leadership development, we’ll share all metrics in your dashboard to help you measure business outcomes.
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Leverage your internal experts

Automatically assign top talent into 1:1 mentoring programs based on the skills they need to build. With a tailored curriculum and curated content, choose the frequency and duration of programs to fit your teams’ needs and promote HR initiatives.
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“10K Coffees helps match employees that likely would not have connected without the platform. It is very customizable in terms of how you can match employees and was able to easily handle our many customizations. The customer service was also excellent and they provided great insights to us.”

Claire M.
HR manager, via Capterra
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FAQs for a talent development people strategy

Will employees have to use another platform?

No! The entire 10KC experience lives right in your employees’ inbox, so they don’t have to worry about managing another platform or login. Meetings can be conducted with the video conferencing tool they're most familiar with - from Zoom to video calls on their mobile device - or face-to-face once the pandemic is over! It’s this frictionless user experience that’s led us to achieving adoption rates as high as 80% for our internship programs.

Do you integrate with my existing HRIS?

We sure do! You can easily embed 10KC in the tools that your employees rely on, whether that's your LMS, onboarding tools, or performance management platforms like your HRIS. Employees access 10KC through a unique link sent to their inbox. If they no longer have access to their email, they'll no longer have access to our platform - no off-boarding required.

How much administrative effort is require to manage this program?

It's our goal to lighten your admin load, not add to it. Our easy-to-use platform and incredible Customer Success team means you’ll spend roughly 2-3 hours per month to ensure you’re getting the most out of 10KC. With no training sessions required, you can onboard remote employees from your home office with ease and hit your business objectives.

How long will it take to launch?

Most clients are up and running in less than two months. We'll work with you to design an implementation plan that ensures you see value quickly. Plus, our team will provide you with communication best practices and tools to optimize your remote onboarding plan.

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