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Scale your leadership initiatives with Office Hours 

Turn intention into action with Office Hours

Host-led, Participant-driven

In each Office Hour session, participants and hosts work collaboratively to reach their goals. Participants are prompted upfront to submit questions to hosts when they RSVP. The host in turn uses these questions to create their agenda, prep their talking points and ensure the session stays conversational.
Pre-Office-Hour question for participants and their responses.
User screen for Office Hour details & setting up the Office Hours event.

Templated solutions to get you started faster

Getting started is easy. Simply choose when to host your Office Hour and how many participants can attend. Each event template has a session title, suggested event description and engaging prompts to ensure the event is impactful. 

Get a pulse on sentiment & measure impact

After each Office Hour, you'll be provided with a recap of the insights and learnings participants gained from the conversation. There’s no need to wait on annual engagement surveys to understand employees’ sentiment. 
Post-Office-Hour question to prompt participants to share their experience from the Office Hour in-depth.
Built-in feature in the 10KC platform making it easy to share the Office Hours event with other members.

Always reach the right audience

Need to reach a specific group of employees? Through Office Hours you can customize your audience by segment, groups or individuals. This means only the people you choose to participate in your session will get the invitation.  

Office Hours ensure participants show up ready to engage

We automate the administrative task of following up with participants by providing nudges that ensure they attend each session. Participants who cannot attend are prompted to give up their spots for a colleague, ensuring hosts always reach their maximum attendance rate. 
Reminder emails automatically sent out by the 10KC platform leading up to the Office Hours event.
Results for Office Hours host after the event of the waitlist for the next event, signaling to the host that their Office Hours event was popular.

Do more with less 

We make it simple to set up repeat events with participants on the waitlist. Through Office Hours, you can automatically identify popular sessions with a large waitlist and instantly set up follow-up sessions.

Use your existing virtual meeting technology

Navigating all of the video conferencing tools out there can be exhausting. We make it easy for you to host your Office Hour by letting you use the tool your team already knows and loves.
Screenshot of an Office Hours event that can be hosted on any video chat platform.

Plan your Office Hour now with our solution templates

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