10KC Pathways

Build personalized learning pathways that drive organizational growth

Tailor targeted training pathways to address diverse talent and organizational needs

Relationship building and knowledge sharing are key to unlocking performance. However, many organizations miss out on the impact of social learning because they can't structure it and deliver at scale. With 10KC Learning Pathways, you can blend a mix of engaging experiences, automatically deliver them to specific talent groups, and track how these connections fuel organizational growth.

Blend together personalized experiences employees want, in a way that delivers the results you want

Virtually every employee wants social learning experiences like networking, peer learning, and group events. But it's tough to make the investment if you can’t directly connect them to business outcomes you care about. With 10KC's Learning Pathways, you can bridge that gap by purposefully blending a variety of customizable social learning experiences designed with Industry Experts to directly accelerate skill development, productivity, and performance. A win-win for everyone.

Automatically deliver learning pathways to specific talent groups based on customizable criteria

Most social learning programs can't be delivered at scale because they rely on outdated tools and countless admin hours. Our learning pathways platform lightens the workload by automatically enrolling the right employees through dynamic syncing with your HRIS data. Our smart-matching algorithm takes care of the rest by purposefully connecting employees with peers, leaders, and internal influencers who can help them upskill  and accelerate performance.

Ensure your social learning programs always hit the mark

Without a view of what employees are learning from their peers, it’s tough to know if you’re striking the right balance between designing an engaging program and achieving results.. We offer insightful and visualized analytics that give you a macro-level view of who is connecting with who, what they’re discussing, and learning outcomes so you can understand how every connection ties back to metrics you care about.

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Develop future-ready leaders who can navigate change
Accelerate onboarding for new hires
Break down silos and foster cross-functional collaboration
Upskill people managers to lead effectively
Integrate and align teams after a transformation
Empower employees to advance in their careers
200+ companies and social impact organizations are using our solutions to develop and connect their employees, drive employee engagement and achieve their DEI goals.