Dave Wilkin
Co-founder, CEO

Dave Wilkin understands that over 80% of learning and career opportunities happen through relationships and mentors, and that’s why he co-founded 10KC - the only all-in-one talent experience platform for inclusive mentoring, employee connectivity, and skills development.

As hybrid work becomes the norm, Dave is reimagining how top organizations like Nike, GE, RBC, and PwC build, scale, and measure their employees’ mentoring, connectivity, and skills development programs.

As an award-winning serial LGBT+ entrepreneur who grew up in a small, rural town, Dave experienced firsthand that mentors and meaningful connections were critical to accessing career-progressing and skills development opportunities. As a result, he has spent his career empowering organizations to build more inclusive workplaces using 10KC’s technology. Dave wants to share his vision with organizations and business leaders on how they can unlock opportunity by creating meaningful connections in today’s new world of decentralized, remote, and hybrid work environments.

Dave also helps equity-seeking groups leverage 10KC’s platform to access critical mentoring and career progressing networks through some of the largest social impact organizations in the world including ALPFA, Ascend, Black Professionals in Tech Network and more.

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