Craft your experience to help each and every connection count.

Building Cross Team
Learning Experiences Worldwide

Three Approaches To Scaling 1:1 Interactions

No matter how much you try to scale, people to people is what sticks.

Smart Matching

To make the most relevant introductions possible, we use our Smart Matching technology.

Using an algorithm that considers an employees role, as well as their individual interests and goals shared when joining. Ten Thousand Coffees provides all members with a highly data-driven, relevant introduction every month.

Office Hours

An Office Hour is a small-group conversation hosted by an executive or thought-leader in your organization about a topic they care about. 

These conversations typically have 10-15 participants, and can take place in-person or online via video chats. You’re able to RSVP to Office Hours directly on the Ten Thousand Coffees platform.

Search and Discovery

Looking to connect with someone specific, or with a specific skill set? Find the perfect match in a breeze with the Ten Thousand Coffees Search and Discovery feature. 

Users can browse all the searchable members in their program by name, location, job title or keyword they've put in their profile and it's one click to spark a conversation from there.

Customizable and results driven

A unique and tailored experience of your organization.

Macro Level Controls

Define who meets with who based on role, location and division.

Guide The Conversations

Provide quarterly themes, topics and icebreakers.

Employee Autonomy

Post-configuration, employees define their own journey by choosing the topics that interest them most and by defining their own goals.

Level up your employee experience efforts.

People learn best from people. We can help you build the best employee development experience.

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