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Why Mentoring is Important in Today’s Hybrid Workplaces

As hybrid work and trends like quiet quitting continue to impact organizations and their employees, mentoring is increasingly becoming an important engagement tool to retain and engage top talent. Skills development and career progression are top concerns for employees, particularly younger ones, and corporate mentoring programs are key to addressing them.
With National Mentoring Month set for January 2023, business, HR and talent leaders can leverage this time to launch an employee talent experience program or reinvigorate existing ones to drive workforce engagement.
Over 60% of employees would consider leaving their current company for one with more mentorship opportunities”

What is National Mentoring Month?

In 2002, the Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR National launched the initiative to bring attention to the need for more mentors.

Officially recognized, National Mentoring Month is endorsed by Congress as well as former Presidents Obama and Bush.
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Tips for HR and Business Leaders to Get the Most Out of National Mentoring Month

Supporting the cause and joining the conversation positions your company at the forefront of National Mentoring Month.

If you’re an HR or business leader who is starting a talent experience program or rejuvenating an existing one, National Mentoring Month can help build momentum for your program. Throughout January, there are officially recognized days you can leverage to promote your initiatives. Read our tips and ideas below to get the most out of National Mentoring Month at your company:
1. Create a mentor recruitment campaign that incorporates ‘I am a Mentor Day’. Recognized on January 11, I am a Mentor Day celebrates mentors and how mentorships have positively enhanced their lives. There’s obvious benefits of mentorships for mentees, but studies have shown that mentors can benefit just as much.

Here’s some ideas and benefits to communicate in your campaign to potential mentors:
2. Take Part in International Mentoring Day on Jan 17. International Mentoring Day, is a social campaign aimed at creating a global conversation around mentoring. Inspirational stories and messages are shared that highlight the impact of mentorships on the world.

Business and HR leaders can take advantage of this day by creating awareness and excitement around mentorships. Brands can run a social campaign on the day, encouraging their employees and mentors to join the conversation using hashtags #InternationalMentoringDay and #NationalMentoringMonth.
3. Attend the National Mentoring Summit. National Mentoring Month’s keystone event, the National Mentoring Summit, takes place January 25-27. The event features valuable workshops and plenary sessions that will offer key strategies on elevating your mentorship programs.
4. Leverage ‘Thank your Mentor Day’ by running a mentor appreciation campaign. Building an appreciation campaign for Thank your Mentor Day can help amplify your message and spotlight the existing mentors at your company.

Recognized on January 26, it’s a day that’s celebrated by posting messages of thanks to mentors with hashtags #ThankYourMentorDay, #ThankYourMentor, #MentoringAmplifies, and #MentoringMonth.

A campaign that promotes active mentors can strengthen their existing mentorship commitments. It’s also an opportunity to turn them into vocal internal and external mentorship advocates which positively impacts your company's brand.
5. Leverage educational resources around corporate mentorships - Ten Thousand Coffees and have a wealth of mentoring resources available for HR and business leaders. You’ll find helpful tips, guides and the 2023 National Mentoring Day toolkit to build a new talent experience program or to refresh your existing ones.

Setting Up Your Mentorship Program for Success

The resources below can help you launch a mentorship program or get the most out of your existing programs.

Make Mentorships a Priority in 2023

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