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The real business impact of diversity & inclusion

Better financial performance when companies have gender and ethnically diverse workforces
Increase in job performance when employees have a sense of belonging
of those with 3+ sponsors at work feel very included
Increase in representation in leadership in companies with mentorship programs
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Use Ten Thousand Coffees to Improve Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Help every employee build a network of mentors, sponsors and peers

Underrepresented groups face unique challenges in reaching out to colleagues, putting them at a disadvantage for development. Diverse talent deserve the same opportunities, no matter their demographic, ethnicity, different backgrounds, or gender identity.

Studies show that employees feel most included when they have a network of 3-5 mentors and sponsors in their work environment, leading to significantly more diverse talent in managerial ranks.

Remove the hard work and anxiety of connecting with colleagues and take your inclusion efforts online.

Connect employees to discuss important Diversity, Equity & Inclusion topics

No matter how high your employee engagement rates, the benefits of a single inclusivity training session rarely last beyond a day or two, and can have the adverse effect of increasing bias. Making real change requires more than the occasional training session; it requires consistency over time.

Create an inclusive culture in your workplace by encouraging employees to have conversations and supporting employee resource groups.

Unblock access to leadership and increase retention of high potential employees

Employees feel included when leaders are involved in their development, but they need support in leading difficult conversations. Similarly, most senior leaders want to meet with employees but have no easy way to do it.

Now you can take all the administrative burden away and provide equal access to leaders by matching mentors to groups of employees with ease.

Create a company culture of belonging through a virtual community

Employees find support in their peers, and sharing different perspectives, and feeling connected to colleagues is a key pillar of belonging in the workplace. Ten Thousand Coffees allows you to create a virtual community for your organization where diverse teams can lean on each other and move important conversations forward.

Create inclusion strategies you can measure

Wondering how workplace diversity is effecting company culture and your bottom line? After each interaction, we measure the top outcomes, collect employee stories, and provide an opportunity for recognition. Each quarter, we'll provide a summary of the results on-demand to make it easy to communicate the program ROI and measure progress.

What talent management leaders have to say about our D&I solution

"What we're finding through providing access to opportunity is a flood of diverse individuals from across our business resource groups and other groups raising their hands to have these conversations, wanting to learn, wanting to diversify their network."

Elizabeth Nelson
Director, Diversity & Inclusion
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Elizabeth Nelson

"We're building a diversity and inclusion roadmap that's focused on impact, that'll be measured and communicated to our employees. Through technology and tools like Ten Thousand Coffees, our hope is that we'll democratize access to networks. We're looking to scale up because everyone needs to be part of the conversation."

David Simmonds
SVP Communications
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The 2020 Vision for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Watch how these talent leaders are creating equitable networks to increase engagement and innovation, and how they are using the new normal as a catalyst for a better workplace.

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Your D&I strategy: 15 mistakes to avoid in 2021

We’re kicking 2020 out the door and looking forward to a healthier, calmer, more positive year in 2021.
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Get Your Entire Organization off the Bench: Creating Accountability for DEI

Watch these talent leaders share their insights and expertise on the importance of accountability in the workplace, and tips on reaching your D&I goal.

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Diversity & Inclusion FAQs

Will employees use another platform?

We see employee adoption as high as 70-80% for many of our programs. We offer a platform-less experience by pushing the experience right to their company email. Pre-create the profile of the employees you want to invite using simple CSV, and all they have to do is claim their invitation.

Do you integrate with my existing HRIS?

We don't offer a formal integration (yet - coming soon). Even without a formal integration, we make it easy to incorporate Ten Thousand Coffees into your employee experience - onboarding, your LMS, in manager one-on-ones so that it's easy for employees to find. You can also upload a CSV of employees to invite. Employees access our site through a login link sent to their company email. If they no longer have access to their email, they'll lose access to our platform - no offboarding required.

How do you handle sensitive data?

We're SOC2 Type I certified and have undergone an extensive audit of all our policies and procedures. Our system accommodates the level of accessibility you require, including admin-only data visibility, or the ability to only share aggregated data.

How much administrative effort is require to manage this program?

Every partnership with Ten Thousand Coffees includes a Customer Success Manager whose role is to partner with you to ensure you're successful. With their support and our easy-to-use platform, administration is significantly reduced. The initial launch phase takes about 4-6 hours/month. Ongoing program maintenance and optimization is about 2-3 hours/month.

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