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Remote work has disrupted talent development

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Development has never been more important —or more difficult.

Ten Thousand Coffees puts development in the hands of your employees by providing developmental experiences at scale.
Employees choose the types of colleagues who can help with their development goals.
Employees are automatically matched to colleagues for experiences that align with their goals.
Every development opportunity comes with a set of simple prompts.
Conversations take place over email and your existing virtual conferencing platform.
At the end of each conversation, employees provide feedback and recognition.

Easy to Scale

Providing development for all is no small feat. Provide access to your entire organization without any supporting infrastructure or external dependencies. Our platform takes care of all of the heavy lifting from end to end.

Exceptional Employee Experience

We're obsessive about creating an experiences that employees love to use. We're not a regular enterprise platform—we're a cool enterprise platform 😎. Our adoption and engagement rates speak for themselves!

Built for Impact

Every experience drives outcomes that drive your business. Engagement, Motivation, Career Development & Mobility—we track these outcomes each and every time to measure meaningful progress.
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Don't rely on the water cooler.

Make meaningful connections with Ten Thousand Coffees.