Why Does the Loneliness Epidemic Matter to Company Culture?  Part 2

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Dave Wilkin
September 4, 2019

I’ve had over a dozen calls this summer with C-level executives sharing their new cultural values and behaviors. They gave us a call because their culture strategy is A+ but they recognize it lives and dies on how employees apply this beyond the classroom.


It’s a common story - announce the new values at the town hall, remind people managers, paint the walls and voila! - our new agile culture is live. Millions were spent on the strategy, playbooks, and training, now it’s live to the entire company. 

There are three common Achilles heels to look out for. I’ll finish the post with an offer to share what we call our insurance policy - helping leaders measure and scale what actually makes it stick.


The Achilles heels to your new, more agile culture strategy: 

  1. Out of sight, out of mind
  2. What gets measured, gets done 
  3. Birds of a feather, flock together 

How can leaders add an insurance policy to this townhall to scale the activation and make it stick? We’ve put together a framework to tackle these challenges and “insure” what you hope to be happening, actually is. 

Shoot us a message and we’d be happy to share. Depending on your organization, we may also have a few best practices/inspirations to help. 

Ten Thousand Coffees is an enterprise talent development platform that enables companies to scale and measure informal development. Every month, members receive data-driven introduction that are customized to their goals, interests and role. Feedback and success stories provide your organization with impactful business insights about the success of your people-strategies.  The Future of Work is transforming organizations: informal development between colleagues is where talent mobility and culture sticks.

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