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Ten Thousand Coffees + EY: Powering meaningful connections in a virtual world

EY's Early Talent team turned to technology to create connections for their incoming intern, co-op and new grad cohorts, choosing Ten Thousand Coffees as their virtual networking partner.
Ernst & Young Tower in Toronto, ON.

2020 disrupted our workforce and accelerated a new future of work reality. Next Gen talent were especially affected, entering a radically different workforce than ever before. EY's early talent team was at the forefront of workforce innovation to define the new future of work. They sought to provide the same exceptional experience as in-office.

Initially they leveraged tools like Yammer to promote virtual socials. What they needed was a structured way to connect early talent with peers, managing teams and leadership.

The importance of networking in the workplace

Many early talent programs - internships, co-ops and new grads - are as much about the networking as the work. Most early talent are still defining their career path and learning what jobs are available. They're also just starting to build their professional network.

While it's easier to maintain existing relationships online, it can be difficult to build new ones virtually. New hires don't have the organizational knowledge or clout to reach out to colleagues unprompted. 

Previously, in-person networking events offered a chance to make connections across the firm.  Spontaneous encounters in the office were key for informal communication and social interaction. With the switch to work-from-home, EY's Early Talent team knew they needed a modern solution to engage their top talent.

Employee engagement in a virtual world

EY's Early Talent team turned to technology to create connections for their incoming intern, co-op and new grad cohorts, choosing Ten Thousand Coffees as their virtual networking partner.

“Through this program, EY is shaping the future of work, providing access to thousands of conversations in a remote-first way. EY is giving employees the tools, learning and flexibility to have an exceptional experience. By democratizing the opportunity to make connections, they're driving a best in class work environment for the next generation of leaders.” 

- Dave Wilkin
, Founder, Ten Thousand Coffees

Introducing: EY Cafe - a place to connect with interns, co-ops and students across the organization. Share ideas, discuss careers, learn new skills, and meet with leadership.

An innovative solution for employee communication and engagement

Jordan Barratt, National Campus Recruiting Leader, looked at how EY could iterate on their employee experience. Barratt partnered with Ten Thousand Coffees to launch the EY Cafe - a virtual community to create connections across the firm.

Jordan Barratt

"In partnering with Ten Thousand Coffees we took the manual work out of your typical networking program making sure every new intern or co-op will get the virtual networking, learning and informal mentoring opportunities that make EY such a great place to work. We are able to understand exactly what each participant is looking for in their conversations and make valuable connections for each of our incoming interns and co-op hires."

Jordan Barratt, National Campus Recruiting Leader, EY

Providing a personalized employee experience

Every student EY hires is unique, and has their own experiences and aspirations for the future. This is why goal setting is an imperative step in the networking process. The best employee development programs put employees in the driver's seat. By understanding individual goals, the conversations can create more successful outcomes.

Employees set personalized development goals.

Sparking the right career collisions

The most important measure of successful networking is meeting the "right" people. But when right is different for each employee, how do you provide the right connections for everyone? 

Ten Thousand Coffees' Smart Matching feature uses inputs from employees to make the right connections. Participants set their goals and select skills they have, and skills they want to develop. Then they're automatically matched with the right connections based on their unique preferences.

“The number one goal of our networking program is providing relevant connections. With Smart Matching our users have confidence that each connection is relevant and unique to them. Ensuring a great experience, while growing the value of the program,” Barratt noted.

Employees receive a personalized introduction to a colleague for a career conversation right in their company email.

Leaders Use Group Coffee Chats to Connect with Next Gen Talent

Company leaders are often in high demand, but don't have time for  one on one chats with everyone. Ten Thousand Coffees makes group meetups easy with Office Hours. The feature streamlines events like fireside chats, AMAs and diagonal meetings, taking the administrative burden out of facilitating and promoting a meetup. The feature connects small groups of next gen talent to leaders using data.

“Office Hours expands the opportunity for conversations, allowing for dialogue between our new hires and senior leaders within our organization. Through Office Hours, we have the ability to maximize the ability for unique connections with senior leaders who will serve as mentors, coaches and role models to our new hires.”

- Jordan Barratt
, National Campus Recruiting Leader, EY

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