Connect Your Workforce in the

New World

of Work

Organizations and people leaders are facing a crisis of disconnection.

The shift to remote and hybrid work has created new challenges that have not been encountered in years past. Employees are feeling isolated and siloed resulting in decreased productivity and higher turnover for organizations.

62% of employees  would leave their employer for one where they feel more connected to colleagues
Ten Thousand Coffees, 2021
Only 1/6 employees feel strongly connected at work
Accenture, May 2022

Hybrid work has eroded employee connections and as a result, their sense of belonging. Disconnected employees  don’t know how they fit into a company’s bigger picture which negatively impacts inclusion and engagement. 

The old world of work isn’t coming back. Organizations must be intentional about how they support their employees to build relationships, develop their careers and build critical networks.

65% of workers  report feeling less connected to their coworkers in a hybrid environment.
Pew Research centre, 2020

Connecting Your Workforce and Eliminating Silos 

The resources below can help you launch a new connectivity program that engages, connects and builds a sense of belonging in your workplace.

Unlock Opportunity through Meaningful Connections

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