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How PwC Built a Connected Workforce in the Hybrid World of Work

PwC has always been a forward-thinking organization and has been recognized as a top employer by renowned organizations like Forbes, DiversityInk, Fortune and more. As a large global enterprise with an expansive workforce that spans multiple locations and business units, PwC understands how critical it is to connect employees to enable successful business and people outcomes.

With hybrid work environments becoming the norm, PwC leaders Chris Dulny and Soula Courlas recognized that traditional barriers to connection - such as geography, departments, physical location, proximity - were no longer as relevant or pervasive. This led them to envision how they could transform the frequency and quality of meaningful connections made between PwC’s people using technology like 10KC’s.

“We wanted to build meaningful connections that superseded historic silos or proximity barriers. We wanted to drive connections that were human-led and tech powered, and 10KC allowed us to do that. The platform has helped us bring intention into conversations, which can be challenging in a remote or hybrid environment.”
Chris Dulny
Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer
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Enabling Connections in the New World of Hybrid and Remote Work

PwC was already committed to their people value proposition (PVP), which focused on the elements that mattered most to their workforce around creating meaningful work, rewards, and development experiences for their employees - and most importantly, building employee connections.

Building meaningful connections is recognized by PwC as a cornerstone to driving their PVP. During COVID lockdowns, it became clear that these internal employee networks were integral to the firm’s success as they underpin employee engagement, retention and more.

“As an organization, we continue to experience the power of connectivity which shows up as a core element to retention, engagement, inclusion, career progression, and underpins our commitment to leading with empathy

“With 10KC, we now have an ideal platform to enable connection on a number of dimensions and extend our reach across the national firm in ways that would not have been possible for us in the past. We’re living a new normal with 10KC that addresses our evolving needs and challenges and enables our focus on building and sustaining an inclusive and caring workplace.”
Soula Courlas
Interim Chief People Officer
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As soon as 10KC’s Connectivity solution was deployed, the PwC People and Digital Innovation Teams began to see huge payoffs. Through the solution’s 1:1 Smart Match Introductions and the Office Hours features, they were able to seamlessly scale 20,000+ connections and 170+ small group events to support their PVP.

Notably, their Office Hours events were core to the program’s success – as they were regularly able to connect employees and leaders through fireside chats, virtual roundtables, and Q&A sessions on various topics that mattered to employees.”

“Once we rolled out 10KC as PwC Connection Central we saw connections being facilitated across all locations and business units - it’s been an amazing success. And one important example of its impact is that our CEO, Nicolas Marcoux, is in fact its biggest super user!”
Chris Dulny
Chief Digital, Data & Innovation Officer
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How Connecting The PwC Workforce with 10KC Paid Off

By bringing their vision for a connected workforce to life via the Connection Central program on the 10KC platform, PwC has facilitated new ideas and firm collaborations. Here’s an overview of their program’s success and outcomes:

The Benefits of a DEI Mentorship Program with 10KC
91% of matches were between different Inclusion Networks.
The connectivity program furthered diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at PwC by erasing proximity and network barriers for BIPOC and diverse employees. 10KC’s technology gave traditionally underrepresented employee groups unprecedented access to leaders, partners, and other networks which may not have been easily accessible before.
Increased Employee Engagement.
The program fostered higher employee engagement by facilitating 170+ small group events and creating 20,000+ connections with 96% favorable ratings from participating partners and employees, and a 78% program adoption rate.
Employer Brand Recognition.
PwC’s employer brand grew to spur both talent retention and attraction, and positioned PwC as a place for meaningful career growth.
Real-time Data Insights.
10KC’s platform provided continuous sentiment analysis for PwC leaders and partners of how the PwC workforce was feeling about key metrics such as inclusivity, hybrid work, connectivity, and more through regular programming.

Sara Blanchard, a key member of the PwC Workforce of the Future team who regularly consults with clients on all topics related to employee engagement and connectivity, uses 10KC to collaborate and make meaningful connections across the organization.

“The platform has really brought to life our broader vision and mission of meaningful connections at scale. The Office Hours feature allows our staff to collaborate and have discussions to share the wealth of knowledge across this organization. Whether it’s examining hot topics or using the survey feature to get feedback on various initiatives - it’s really augmented employee engagement and people connections.”
Sarah Blanchard
Director, Consulting
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So what’s in the future for PwC’s connectivity program and what does she recommend to her clients in an era of continuous change? Sara Blanchard offers the following insights:

“To make hybrid working successful, it’s going to take resiliency, agility and continuous connection.”

If you’re interested in hearing the full details of how PwC leveraged 10KC to bring their connectivity strategy to life, you can watch the full event recap with Soula, Chris and Sara here.

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