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Why creating a work environment that prioritizes diversity and inclusion is so important


of candidates seek out diverse companies


of employees leave a company after experiencing harassment, bullying, or stereotyping
*Kapor Centre


of businesses with an inclusive workplace notice increased profits
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Don’t let your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals take a back seat - create an inclusive workforce that attracts and retains diverse candidates

Create a truly inclusive culture

Offer diverse teams a safe space to be vulnerable and get the support they need to develop. No matter their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity, make all of your team members feel safe and supported in meeting their career goals.

Help every employee build a network of mentors, sponsors, and peers

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Hold leaders accountable to inclusion initiatives

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career development opportunities

Create inclusion strategies you can measure

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Create mentorship programs that drive inclusivity and retention

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While many organizations are well-meaning, they often miss the mark when it comes to creating and sustaining their D&I strategies.We’ve compiled 15 of the most common mistakes that leaders and organizations make, so you can forget your biases and create a truly inclusive company culture.
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Incredible diversity mentor matching. Pros: Ease of use. Matched our company values on supporting, nurturing and encouraging diversity of thought. Supreme customer service”

Claire M.
HR manager, via Capterra
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Get Your Entire Organization off the Bench: Creating Accountability for DEI

Watch these talent leaders share their insights and expertise on the importance of accountability in the workplace, and tips on reaching your D&I goal.

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FAQs for diversity, equity, and inclusion programs

Will employees use another platform?

No! The entire 10KC experience lives right in your employees’ inbox, so they don’t have to worry about managing another platform or login. Meetings can be conducted with the video conferencing tool they're most familiar with. It’s this frictionless employee experience that’s led us to achieving adoption rates as high as 80% for our internship programs.

Do you integrate with my existing HRIS?

We sure do! You can easily embed 10KC in the tools that your employees rely on, whether that's your LMS, onboarding tools, or performance management platforms like your HRIS. Employees access 10KC through a unique link sent to their inbox. If they no longer have access to their email, they'll no longer have access to our platform - no off-boarding required.

How much administrative effort is required to manage this program?

It's our goal to lighten your admin load, not add to it. Our easy-to-use platform and incredible Customer Success team means you’ll spend roughly 2-3 hours per month to ensure you’re getting the most out of 10KC. With no training sessions required, you can onboard remote employees from your home office with ease.

How long will it take to launch?

Most clients are up and running in less than two months. We'll work with you to design an implementation plan that ensures you see value quickly. Plus, our team will provide you with communication best practices and tools to optimize your remote onboarding plan and help those from different backgrounds.

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