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We create the right connections.

Ten Thousand Coffees ✨automatically✨ connects interns and college hires with the right colleagues so HR teams can spend less time on admin and follow-ups.

Help new hires make friends.

Without in-person onboarding sessions and socials, it can be difficult to make friends at work. Introductions use common interests to create relevant peer-to-peer connections.

And build relationships with their working team.

Not being able to share physical space with their working team makes it difficult for teams to build relationships. Introductions uses the unique development goals of interns and the experience of colleagues to create and curate matches.

Uncover full-time opportunities.

Recruiters and hiring managers want to convert internships to full-time offers and fill talent pipeline needs. Office Hours make it easy to host group sessions with interns and provide insight to different opportunities within the business.

Connect with executives & leaders.

Connections with executives are a key way to connect interns to the bigger picture and humanize your leadership... but executives are busy. Manage busy schedules by pairing executives with small groups of interns to share insights and experience.

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Simple setup and launch.

No supporting infrastructure or external dependencies required. Our platform takes care of all of the heavy lifting from end to end.

Leave the admin to us.

Buddy programs, mentoring spreadsheets, coordinating calendars, follow ups... we handle the details so you don't have to.

Measure what you couldn't measure before.

Adoption rates, engagement data, success stories and recognition make your virtual program measurable.

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How to Build (and Measure) a High Impact Virtual Early Career Program

Watch how these talent leaders took their intern and college hire programs online with Ten Thousand Coffees.

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