Build a remote onboarding experience that drives retention

Empower every new remote employee to own their own development



of interns don’t have a clear career plan 


don’t know who to turn to for career advice 


of new hires are unsure of who to talk to about their development

Make them stick around with an unmatched remote onboarding process

Accelerate career growth with one-on-one buddy onboarding programs

Automatically pair interns and new team members with a full-time employee who can make them feel welcome and coach them while they're ramping up. Each pair will be guided through a series of one-on-one check-in conversations that help new remote workers learn, grow, and develop their skills.

You share the list of program participants and we’ll take it from there. Everything from automatic matching, email messaging reminders, templates, conversation guides, and feedback collection is handled by our platform.
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Create community with internal networking

Give interns a reason to stay beyond their term and retain new employees for longer. Connect new teammates with peers, fellow interns, ERG members, and teammates to build relationships that create a sense of inclusion and belonging with the rest of the team.

We'll automatically introduce them to full time employees who share their goals and interests, and give them communication tools and icebreakers to jump start their conversations. All of this lands right in their inbox, without any administrative burden.
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Connect to company culture through engagement with leaders

Access to senior leadership helps new employees and interns feel connected to your company cause, vision, and mission from day one. But there aren’t a lot of opportunities for busy leaders and shy newcomers to connect in a meaningful way.

Bring your new remote team and leaders together for small group conversations to share career advice and learn from a diverse set of experiences. Every detail of your event will be managed by our platform, from handling RSVPs to collecting feedback.
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Measure the impact of every interaction

Connect the outcomes and insights of every conversation to early career goals like engagement, retention, and accepted full-time offers. On-demand summaries make it easier for you to communicate ROI and share progress with key stakeholders across your organization.
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Here’s what early talent leaders have to say about our virtual onboarding programs

Early in career webinar promotion.


How to Build (and Measure) a High Impact Virtual Early Career Program

Watch how these talent leaders took their intern and college hire programs online with Ten Thousand Coffees, and made them feel like part of the team.

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FAQs for onboarding remote employees

Will employees have to use another platform?

No! The entire 10KC experience lives right in your employees’ inbox, so they don’t have to worry about managing another platform or login. Meetings can be conducted with the video conferencing tool they're most familiar with - from Zoom to video calls on their mobile device - or face-to-face once the pandemic is over! It’s this frictionless user experience that’s led us to achieving adoption rates as high as 80% for our internship programs.

Do you integrate with my existing HRIS?

We sure do! You can easily embed 10KC in the tools that your employees rely on, whether that's your LMS, onboarding tools, or performance management platforms like your HRIS. Employees access 10KC through a unique link sent to their inbox. If they no longer have access to their email, they'll no longer have access to our platform - no off-boarding required.

How much administrative effort is required to manage this program?

It's our goal to lighten your admin load, not add to it. Our easy-to-use platform and incredible Customer Success team means you’ll spend roughly 2-3 hours per month to ensure you’re getting the most out of 10KC. With no training sessions required, you can onboard remote employees from your home office with ease.

How long will it take to launch?

Most clients are up and running in less than two months. We'll work with you to design an implementation plan that ensures you see value quickly. Plus, our team will provide you with communication best practices and tools to optimize your remote onboarding plan.

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