Black Lives Matter: Resources for HR Professionals & Leaders

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Alexandra Paquette

Many organizations are taking action to stand in solidarity with Black employees. As a company, we've been taking this time to reflect internally on our own practices. There is a vast number of amazing resources that address how to support as an individual, but a lack of resources for organizations and HR teams to become better educated and effect change.

To support the Black Lives Matter movement and Black employees, we are compiling a list of resources. Our hope is that this list will grow and that HR Leaders & Innovators can create equitable employee experiences and workplaces for Black employees.

Black Lives Matter Resource List

Lattice Resources for Humans, How HR Can Support Black Employees Right Now

Lattice Resources for Humans, RfH Workshop Recap: HR Leaders Share Their Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

Yusuf George, Corporate America: Speaking Up On Systemic Racism Is Only The First Step. Now Let’s Act.

Maria Louisa, How Managers Can (and Should) Address Race and Violence in the News

Buffer, An Intro to Diversity and Inclusion in Business: Resources for HR, Hiring, Managers, Founders, and Allies

Culture Amp, To the Black community: we’re with you

HBR, U.S. Businesses Must Take Meaningful Action Against Racism

Forbes, Steps companies can take to make the workplace better for black employees

Patreon, Template For Holding Your Employer Accountable For Racial Justice

ASU & Starbucks Global Academy, Welcoming Dialogue on Black/African American Bias

UNE Library Services, AntiRacism Reading List

If you have constructive comments or resources to add, please send them our way on LinkedIn.

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