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Connectivity & Organic Collisions at PwC

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Ten Thousand Coffees team
Ten Thousand Coffees Team -
June 24, 2020

The Opportunity

Quarterly, PwC conducts a Global People Survey (GPS). Consistently, the number 1 thing employees asked for was more relationship building and collaboration opportunities at work. Delivering those kinds of connections at scale can be especially difficult for enterprise companies, but it's also critical for employee engagement, retention, performance, and wellness.

So, they posed the question:

How can we automate the organic collisions that happen at the water cooler with technology?

Daniel Lindquist, Chief of Staff, FS Advisory at PwC was already a member of another Ten Thousand Coffees community and reached out to our team to see if it would be a good fit to support his team's objectives.

FS Advisory Coffee Connections Objectives

  • Increase engagement at scale
  • Create more connections between different teams and skillsets 
  • Build trust between colleagues 
  • Help individuals navigate the greater organization
  • Accelerate connectivity and career growth
  • Solve client problems at a higher level through collaboration and connectivity 

FS Advisory Coffee Connections Strategy

  • Scalable, tech-enabled matching criteria to drive the best connections
  • Easy onboarding process with simple user experience 
  • Keep it fun and personal through ice breakers and conversation prompts

One of the most critical parts of Daniel's Ten Thousand Coffee's initiative was getting the Smart-Matching criteria 'just right' to bring the most value to members who signed up for the platform. The criteria included 13 different data points to match individuals for coffee chats.

Program Outcomes

Connection: 100% of café members felt their match was relevant to them.

Innovation: 23% of café members learned something that can help them and/or their team with a current or future project.

Collaboration: 56% uncovered a new opportunity for cross-team collaboration.

Business Impact: 64% learned more about other engagements within the firm.

Connections between 11 different teams at PwC in Q1 2020
“This shows silos being broken down and the connections we’ve made across the practice. Each line represents a new connection and a new opportunity for team members across 11 teams. And while it’s important to look at the data and quantify the impact, each line is a story that has made an impact on an employee that then affects teams and clients positively too.”

Daniel Lindquist, Chief of Staff, PwC

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